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• 10/26/2014

Story Tab

I'd like to move the stories (from Guides) to a new nav.

Main Story
Blade Protector
Techno Smith
Sorcery King
Side Story
Thank you.
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• 9/22/2014

Update on holo cards

I removed the holo stats for fragment and evolution cards. Contacted CC about the evo. I've just asked about the monthly bonus ones.
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• 9/17/2014

Uploading pictures

Since the source site is unstable, I've made a policy to wait for 3 days after the last update before I upload the images extracted from the files. The reason I get it from another source is that the extracted images have the multipliers pasted on the image.
Just an FYI in case anyone's wondering. (Though I doubt people visit this part of the wiki or look at recent changes >.> )
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• 8/29/2014

Adding Limit Break page link to Template:Detail


Initial modification: Added link at the same level as template help
Second: Became a table header...
Third: Back to initial version, with a bigger font size
Current version -1: Put it inside the table but couldn't make the middle border for the bottom row disappear (and other stuff).
Current version: Just changed the link code there, just the same with "current version -1"
I've also thought of just linking it to the limit break image, though it's not going to be obvious.
This is just for the limit break page. Haven't figured out the holo limit break computation difference yet.
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• 8/21/2014

New card addition guide

I've finished the guide. You can rename if you have something better in mind. And if I sound very restricting on the errors part, please rephrase it.
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• 8/13/2014

Card stats at different LB

A project to compile card stats at different Limit Breaks, besides just the MLB stats, in response to a Q&A thread.
There is a Google Docs spreadsheet at for everyone to edit.
This thread can be used for discussion of that spreadsheet.
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• 8/12/2014

Pure Bisclav images switched?

Is it just me or the images for Pure - Bisclavret all switched (normal is shiny, vice versa)?! I remember uploading them correctly. But still replaced the pictures. But they're still showing them switched. I checked on a different browser and it's also showing it switched.
Here are the v2's I uploaded. Tell me if your computer shows them switched.

normal lv1: pure - bisclavret a
normal max: pure - bisclavret b
shiny lv1: pure - bisclavret c
shiny max: pure - bisclavret d
If it's just me, please revert them back to v2 (uploaded August 6). Sorry for the trouble!
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• 8/9/2014

Category: Same name

I'm thinking of adding the category "Same name" for characters who share the same name, namely Iseult and Elaine. Is it okay?
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• 8/1/2014

Automatic card table update?

Hi, I don't really know much about all these coding and stuff, but I wondered wouldn't it be easier if the card table could automatically updated itself with infomation entered from the individual card pages, instead of people manually entering the data into the table which is time-consuming. Some less important cards also do not have their stats updated their as well.
I have gone through the chinese million arthur wiki and it seems like they have managed to done just that. To the more experienced editors: maybe we can copy part of their format?
Card Table:
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This post is locked.
• 7/30/2014

Release date template

Although not many know about the release date template, may I update it with the code here? It's mostly just (fancy) functionality.
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• 7/30/2014

(Unfinished) Combo Attributes

There are still some cards with Missing Attribute for combos. If anyone has the cards, could you please try adding them in a deck to figure out their combo attribute? Hint: you need 4 of the same attribute to trigger a Attribute-based combo.
Feel free to add the Attribute directly in the Combo box on the individual pages, or post here with the info and someone will add it in.
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• 7/29/2014

Main Story Layout

Please give your opinion on this
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• 5/18/2014

Only Admin

What color do you want to display username?
Pls comment html color code here
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• 5/4/2014

There is a hidden button on the menu

At the top. Under "On the Wiki". There is a hidden link between "Photos" and "Forum". Clicking the empty space opens up a chat.
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• 5/2/2014

Incorrect values for selling price of cards

Can someone look over the selling price of cards at Lv 1? I am not sure where the data was copied from but quite a number of the selling price are incorrect
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• 4/30/2014

Cards released on certain dates

Just a heads-up to any admins.  Not sure how to remove pages from a Category.  Might want to check the "Released on April 1, 2014" Category, cos pretty sure the Silky and Kelpie set of cards were "Released on April 15, 2014".
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• 4/30/2014


Can I have admin status to delete the unnecessary redirects and edit card templates? Thank you.
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• 4/23/2014

(Unfinished) Card Table and Stats Import

The Card Table page needs to be filled in.
Completing the stats on the individual pages will go along with this. The stats have be found in the game cache and just need to be entered.
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• 4/22/2014

(Unfinished) Story Transcription

The Side Story and Main Story pages are incomplete.
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• 4/22/2014

(Finished) Wikia design

We finally have some active admins so it's time to revamp the look of the wikia!
We need graphics for the context section of the front page and to settle on a design for the interface.
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