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Duration: June 30 - July 16, 2014

Put your jerseys and boots on because football fever has invaded the world of Million Arthur. Move over boys, because it’s the girls who will reign supreme here in the AnimeWorld Cup 2014 (AWC)! Beware though - underestimate these lasses and they’ll give you a fair share of hell! But if you’re worthy, they may grant you their respective SR Cards! And while everyone is glued to the screens this football season, someone’s quietly fuming in a corner. Meet the Queen of Avalon, a noble lady who craves attention from men and ladies alike. Alas, everyone is too busy with the AnimeWorld Cup to pay much attention to her these days, and boy, is she angry! Like a jilted lover, this lady will do anything to rip your attention away from the football matches, even if it means resorting to underhanded bribes to injure some star players and keep them off the fields!

Stop the Queen of Avalon before she destroys the AnimeWorld Cup fun! She’ll randomly appear on weekends only to give you grief:

  • 5th July, 00h00 (GMT+8) – 6th July, 23h59 (GMT+8)
  • 12th July, 00h00 (GMT+8) – 13th July, 23h59 (GMT+8)


  • Defeating AWC Faerie Bosses will yield collectibles!
  • Queen of Avalon has a 100% rate of arousal when defeated.
  • Queen of Avalon does not give double collectibles when defeated.


Faeries: Arousal Faerie:
AWC - Paula Arousal AWC - Paula
AWC - Rozalina Arousal AWC - Rozalina
Queen of Avalon Arousal Queen of Avalon


AWC - Paula Icon AWC - Rozalina Icon Queen of Avalon Icon

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