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Duration: June 16 to June 30, 2014

Behind every successful team, is a Healer. These Student Healers play an important role in supporting your battles so you can live to fight another round, another day!

Explore the Land of Blade for Student - Gareth Fragments, Land of Techno for Student - Nicole Fragments and Land of Sorcery for Trainer - Latisha Fragments. Collect all 9 Fragments respectively and gain the respective Student Healer cards!

Alternatively, you may battle fellow Arthurs to steal their Student Healer fragments too! Select Battle > Select respective faction fragment to begin the bloodshed!

Note : there are no holofoils for these Student Healer cards.

Fragments Obtained at Reward
Blade Protector Land of Blade
Techno Smith Land of Techno
Sorcery King Land of Sorcery

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