MA News 20150302 03 Duration: March 2 - March 16, 2015

Hooray! It’s our first anniversary so we’re bringing you the Blitz! Give these Blitz - Arthurs a very warm welcome as you unleash your most powerful deck against them to win their cards!


Faerie: Arousal Faerie:
Blitz Blade Protector Arousal Blitz Blade Protector
Blitz Techno Smith Arousal Blitz Techno Smith
Blitz Sorcery King Arousal Blitz Sorcery King

Quests (Birthday Party!)Edit

Zone completion bonus
Limit-Break Cherry Icon x1
Area AP Card Drops
5 -6 Second - Cador Icon Second - Lanceor Icon
4 -5 Specific - Blanchefleur Icon Support - Giorgio Icon
3 -4 Special - Ywain's Lion Icon Support - Laudine Icon
2 -3 Control - Bedivere Icon Second - Guivret Icon
1 -2 Second - Morholt Icon Second - Gaheris Icon


Blitz - Arthur Blade Protector Icon Blitz - Arthur Techno Smith Icon Blitz - Arthur Sorcery King Icon

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