MA News 20150617 03 Duration: June 17 - July 1, 2015
Event ends on 1st July 1130HRS (GMT+8)

Caution – good looks and deadly powers ahead. These Brilliant ladies can’t wait to show off their skills and beat you to a pulp. Will you let them trample over your manly ego or will you stand up for your pride and face them with your best deck? Triumph over them and they may join your cause AND you also impress Brilliant - Yue Hai enough to join your crew. Mind you, the latter has a limited time X2 multiplier effect, so she’s really handy to have around!


Faerie: Arousal Faerie:
Brilliant Kayla Arousal Brilliant Kayla
Brilliant Diaz Arousal Brilliant Diaz


Brilliant - Kayla Icon Brilliant - Diaz Icon Brilliant - Yue Hai Icon

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