MA News 20150515 03 Duration: May 15 - June 2, 2015
Event ends on 2nd June 1130HRS (GMT+8)

Camera, lightning, action! The Blitz Girls are here and they’re ready to put on a show… a show where they will pummel you to dust, that is! Prove them wrong, and you’ll stand a chance to earn the loyalty of these cuties in your deck!

Blitz - Mist will also be making a special appearance on weekends only from May 16 0000HRS – May 17 2359HRS (GMT+8) and May 23 0000HRS – May 24 2359HRS (GMT+8), AND she will be blessing ALL bosses (herself included) with X2 collectibles drop rate during the stipulated period so be sure to catch her in action!

If you’re worried that you might miss out on catching Blitz – Mist or any of the bosses for that matter, fret not because Blitz - Sera -Arousal- will help you out with her X2 multiplier powers (15th May – 2nd June)... IF you are lucky enough to get her!


Faerie: Arousal Faerie:
Blitz Lilith Arousal Blitz Lilith
Blitz Popo Arousal Blitz Popo
Blitz Mist Arousal Blitz Mist


Blitz - Lilith Icon Blitz - Popo Icon Blitz - Mist Icon Blitz - Sera -Arousal- Icon

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