MA News 20140915 event03

Duration: September 15 - October 1, 2014
Event ends on October 1, 1130HRS (GMT+8)

Battle the CheerleadersEdit

The lovely cheerleaders are out strutting their stuff because they can’t wait to share this piece of good news with you – the level cap has been raised to 120! In true Arthur style, feel the youthful energy flow through you as you go head-to-head with these exuberant ladies. But they’ll only cheer for you if they think you’re strong enough to rise to the top! Show them that you are the one true King, and you may get their SR cards!

Weekend Battle ManiaEdit

Over the weekends, the ditzy and cute Score will be joining the cheerleaders in their games too. Get in her way of scorekeeping and she’ll get mad at you! But if she forgives you, you’ll get her SR+ card!

Note: Sports Day - Score will randomly appear only during these timings:

(All timings in GMT+8) 20th September 0000hrs - 21st September 2359hrs 27th September 0000hrs - 28th September 2359hrs

But wait, there are more things to cheer about for this Sports Day! This time, all three battle event bosses may yield a special SR card drop when defeated. Behold the mighty Second - Swirl with a x2 multiplier effect from 15th September – 1st October!


Faeries: Arousal Faerie:
Sports Day Dinia Arousal Sports Day Dinia
Sports Day Myorang Arousal Sports Day Myorang
Sports Day Score Arousal Sports Day Score


Sports Day - Dinia Icon Sports Day - Myorang Icon Sports Day - Score Icon Second - Swirl Icon

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