MA News 20150430 04 Duration: April 30 - May 15, 2015

Who says little limbs are disadvantageous in sports? Our little chibi Knights will prove you wrong… in the sport of battle of course! Catch the sporty Chibi Knights, Chibi: Blade Protector and Chibi: Techno Smith during these stipulated dates and recruit them into your team:

May 1, 0000HRS – May 3, 2359HRS
(Sports Day - Chibi Blade Protector)

May 8, 0000HRS – May 10, 2359HRS
(Sports Day - Chibi Techno Smith)

Oh and remember, ALL bosses will be dropping X2 collectibles during the above stipulated period!


Faerie: Arousal Faerie:
Chibi Blade Protector Arousal Chibi Blade Protector
Chibi Techno Smith Arousal Chibi Techno Smith


Sports Day - Chibi Blade Protector Icon Sports Day - Chibi Techno Smith Icon Sports Day - Dia Icon

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