MA News 20141215 event04

Duration: December 15 - 29, 2014

Christmas is coming, and it’s starting to snow in Britain! But these two mischief makers: Christmas - Milky and Christmas - Riod, have been starting snowball fights with everyone! Stop their snowy shenanigans and get their cards to evolve them into Christmas - Epi and Christmas - Shabi!

That’s not all though, defeating them will also give you a chance to obtain two 2x multiplier cards: Christmas - Roselyn and Holy Night - Maron! Their multiplier lasts from 15 Dec – 29 Dec as well.

Attain both boss cards to evolve into much more powerful cards!


Faeries: Arousal Faerie:
Christmas Milky Arousal Christmas Milky
Christmas Riod Arousal Christmas Riod


Base Cards Evolved Card
Christmas - Riod Icon [LVL 90] + Christmas - Milky Icon [LVL 1] + 50,000 Gold Christmas - Epi Icon [MLB]
Christmas - Milky Icon [LVL 90] + Christmas - Riod Icon [LVL 1] + 50,000 Gold Christmas - Shabi Icon [MLB]


Christmas - Riod Icon Christmas - Milky Icon Christmas - Roselyn Icon Holy Night - Maron Icon Specific - Santa Claus Icon

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