MA News 20150515 01 Duration: May 15 - June 2, 2015
X6 Multiplier will end on June 17, 2015

Watch out, the Blitz Queens are ready to shock you with their electric prowess in battles! As if they are not deadly enough, these Blitz Queens are blessed with X6 multiplier powers for a limited time as well! Go on, let these mighty ladies deal a rude bolt to your enemies. It could be the last thing your enemies see!

Head to the Gacha shop and get blessed by the Blitz Queens today!

Gacha AdditionsEdit

Blitz - Claire Icon x6 Boss Damage
Blitz - Celia Icon x6 Boss Damage
Blitz - Sera -Berserk- Icon x6 Boss Damage
Blitz - Ellie Icon x6 Boss Damage

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