MABANNER 20140912

Install CherrPlay, CherryCredits’ own chat application, to receive a random in-game item coupon code to redeem items from Cherry games.

  • Timing refers to Singapore 2pm and it may take up to 2 hours for the code to reach your CherryPlay.
  • The duration of the code validity has been extended to 3 Days! Do ensure to redeem the code as each code will expire at 1400hrs (GMT+8) three days later.

  • You will also receive codes from other Cherry games even if you have never played it.
  • You can only redeem ONE code per game.


Resonance - Sisilala Pure Heart Icon Resonance - Sisilala Papillon Sword Icon Resonance - Sisilala Phantom Flame Icon
Gacha Ticket AC Potion BC Potion 80px


These are GMT+8

  1. September: Everyday on September 15 to 30, 2014[1]
  2. October: weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)[2]
  3. November: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays[3]
  4. December: December 1, 11, 17, & 26[4]


  1. Exclusive Goodies Fit For A King! Only From CherryPlay!
  2. Get Your October Weekly Surprises With CherryPlay!
  3. Surprise Yourself On Cherry Weekdays With CherryPlay!
  4. Sunny December Days With CherryPlay!

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