Faerie is one of the four card factions. Having multiple Faerie cards unlocks the Faerie Combo.

See Also Category:Faerie

Cherry Icon F Unobtained Icon Lugh Icon F Unobtained Icon Super Cherry Icon
Green Knight Icon Puca Icon Shellycoat Icon AWC - Paula Icon AWC - Rozalina Icon
F Unobtained Icon F Unobtained Icon F Unobtained Icon Culmin Icon Dryad Icon
Elena Icon Gruagach Icon Kelpie Icon Leanan Sidhe Icon Leprechaun Icon
Leviathan Icon Mermaid Icon Miqlam Icon Muryan Icon Queen of Avalon Icon
Silky Icon Squally Icon Tylwyth Teg Icon Ultimate Cherry Icon Limit-Break Cherry Icon
Student - Ling Yue Icon Student - Khana Icon Neko Icon Mirai and Friends Icon Seika (PvP) Icon
Swimsuit - Nimue Icon Swimsuit - Rion Icon Summer - Kinon Icon

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