MA News 20140731 event03

Duration: July 31 - August 15, 2014

Event ends on 15th August 1130HRS (GMT+8)

Come face to face with your favourite childhood characters… in the battlefield! The Pied Piper and Mad Hatter will be challenging you to a battle of strength and power. Defeat them and they might join your army instead!

But that’s not all! The beautiful Snow White will be gracing the brawl on weekends as well, so remember to catch her in action for a chance to snag her SR card!

Enchanted - Snow White will only appear at random during these timings:
2nd August 2014 (0000) – 3rd August 2014 (2359)
9th August 2014 (0000) – 10th August 2014(2359)
All timings are in GMT+8

Battling Enchanted - Pied Piper, Enchanted - Mad Hatter and Enchanted - Snow White only during the weekends will yield double collectibles!

Enchanted – Snow White has a 100% rate of arousal when defeated


Faeries: Arousal Faerie:
Mad Hatter Arousal Mad Hatter
Pied Piper Arousal Pied Piper
Snow White Arousal Snow White


Enchanted - Mad Hatter Icon Enchanted - Pied Piper Icon Enchanted - Snow White Icon

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