MA News 20141215 event03

Duration: December 24 – 29, 2014

It’s going to be a Holy, but not silent, Night this Christmas in Britain! Inspired by the mischief caused by Milky and Riod, Holy Night - Lanze, Holy Night - Gawain, and Holy Night - Elle are causing havoc, but they actually mean well (I think)! Head down to the ‘Holy Night’ map which will be open from Dec 24, 0000hrs – Dec 29, 1130hrs (GMT+8), and stop them from ruining Christmas with their good intentions!

You will also have a chance to obtain two 2x multiplier cards from defeating them: Christmas - Roselyn and Holy Night - Maron! Their multiplier lasts from Dec 15 – 29.

Bosses will not drop collectibles

  • Arousal Elle will appear randomly after the AF has been defeated


Faeries: Arousal Faerie:
Holy Night Lanze Arousal Holy Night Lanze
Holy Night Gawain Arousal Holy Night Gawain
Arousal Holy Night Elle


Holy Night - Lanze Icon Holy Night - Gawain Icon Holy Night - Elle Icon Christmas - Roselyn Icon Holy Night - Maron Icon Specific - Santa Claus Icon

Quest (Holy Night)Edit

Zone completion bonus

AC Potion
BC Potion
Area AP Card Drops
4 -5 Prototype - Vortigern Icon Second - Guivret Icon
3 -4 Second - Lamorak Icon Second - Gaheris Icon
2 -3 Second - Calogrenant Icon Second - Paggi Icon
1 -2 Second - Kahedin Icon Support - Brangaine Icon

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