MA News 20140715 event04

Duration : 16 July to 30 July, 2014

Evolution is back, but this time it is easier to evolve your cards! Defeat the Bosses for a chance to get all the base cards as listed below, which are required to make the Evolution Card! There is no need to level or Max Limit Break (MLB) the base cards to evolve; simply combine them accordingly to create the respective SR+ cards as listed!


Base Cards Evolved Card
Specific - Nadezhda Icon [LVL 1]  + Support - Pulver Icon [LVL 1] + 50,000 Gold Pure - Sling Icon
Support - Melt Icon [LVL 1] + Support - Xiol Icon [LVL 1] + 50,000 Gold Pure - Ywain's Lion Icon
Specific - Lady Kai Icon [LVL 1] + Second - Tarquin Icon [LVL 1] + 50,000 Gold Pure - Little Grey Icon

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