MA News 20150113 05 Duration: January 15 - February 2, 2015
Event ends on February 2, 1130HRS (GMT+8)

Everyone’s favourite Knights are making an appearance in Camelot… this time with a slight difference. Defeat these First Knights for a chance of calling their Arousal Faeries, then defeat their AFs and stand to meet their respective AAF Morale counter parts respectively!

Having trouble meeting Arousals? Fret not, because the Arousal rates will be higher on the following days:
16th Jan 1800HRS (Fri) – 19th Jan 1200HRS (Mon)
30th Jan 1800HRS (Fri) – 2nd Feb 1100HRS (Mon)

Lucky Arthurs may even snag the special 2X multiplier card Morale - Da Vinci from the bosses. Remember, the 2x multiplier effect is valid for a limited time only!


Faeries: Arousal Faerie:
First Lancelot Arousal First Lancelot
First Gawain Arousal First Gawain
Arousal Morale Lancelot
Arousal Morale Gawain


First - Lancelot Icon First - Gawain Icon Morale - Lancelot Icon Morale - Gawain Icon Morale - Da Vinci Icon

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