MA News 20140428 event01

The raging battle has caught the interest of the Specifics and they are eager to have a piece of the action! Specific – Joan of Arc and Specific – Perseus will be dealing x3 damage, while Specific – Sigrun will be dishing out x5 damage, to all event bosses from 30 April – 30 May. But wait, that’s not all! From 30 April, 1600HRS – 5 May 2014 2359HRS, we are holding a special Premium Gacha promotion too. For every 10+1 Premium Gacha drawn, you will definitely get at least one SR/SR+! What are you waiting for? Try out the Power-BAM! Gacha Event today!

Duration: April 30 to May 15, 2014

Gacha AdditionsEdit

Specific - Sigrun Icon x5 Faerie Damage
Specific - Joan of Arc Icon x3 Faerie Damage
Specific - Perseus Icon x3 Faerie Damage

Bonuses expire on May 30th.

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