MA News 20140715 event03

Duration : 16 July to 31 July, 2014

The war is raging and the devastation is getting a tad too much to bear for these lovely female Knights. The beauties stand before you, decked out in their wedding gowns to make a statement – to remind you of love’s purity in order to stop the war that is tearing Camelot apart. “Remember love, my King! The pure love of a nation, the pure love of a couple, and the pure love of a child. Stop the Invaders, stop the war!” they say. But power is needed to bring about peace! Hence, these two Knights are now challenging you to a battle where you will need to prove yourself worthy to bring peace back to Camelot. Prove your strength and earn their trust and loyalty in the form of SR cards!


Faeries: Arousal Faerie:
Pure - Bisclavret Arousal Pure - Bisclavret
Pure - Guinevere Arousal Pure - Guinevere


Pure - Bisclavret Icon Pure - Guinevere Icon

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