MA News 20140331 studentcouncil

Don't be fooled by their innocent faces. These pretty ladies may be cute students by day, but they are deadly faerie hunters by night! Faeries beware, for these girls can dish out additional faerie damage to their opponents for this month! Student - Himiko (SR+) and Student - Enide (SR+) can deal x3 faerie damage (respective to their attack power) and Student - Peridod (SR) can deal x2 faerie damage (respective to her attack power). Don't miss out on the powerful Student Council of Faerie Hunters. Let's gacha today!

  • Additional faerie damage is applicable only for these Student Council of Faerie Hunters cards, and valid for this month only.

Duration: April 1st to 15th, 2014

Gacha AdditionsEdit

Student - Himiko Icon x3 Faerie Damage
Student - Enide Icon x3 Faerie Damage
Student - Peridod Icon x2 Faerie Damage

Bonuses expire on April 30th.

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