MA News 20141001 event01

Duration: October 1 - October 15, 2014

It's Summer in Camelot... and this means a Summer Beach Party! MR Swimsuit - Nimue (x6 multiplier) is here to join the fray, along with her friends SR+ Swimsuit - Simcheong (x5 multiplier) and SR+ Swimsuit - Arthur Techno Smith (x5 multiplier).

With these awesome girls in your team, it's gonna be a breeze to bring peace to Camelot! Try your luck in the Gacha shop today! Note: Multipliers will last from 1 Oct - 31 Oct 2014.

Gacha AdditionsEdit

Swimsuit - Nimue Icon x6 Boss Damage
Swimsuit - Simcheong Icon x5 Boss Damage
Swimsuit - Arthur Techno Smith Icon x5 Boss Damage

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