MABANNER 20140528

Whispers of human abduction have been spreading in Britain, and it’s come to light that these Faeries, Culmin and Tylwyth Teg are the culprits! Hunt down these Hunters and put a stop to their crime, and you stand a chance to get their SR cards!

During the weekends, you’ll also have the chance to meet Celestial - Andromeda. Battle her for a chance at obtaining her SR card too! Her appearance timings can be seen below: Arousal Andromeda will appear together with other faeries during these timings: 31st May (0000) – 1st June (2359) 7th June (0000) – 8th June (2359) 14th June (0000) – 15th June (2359)

Duration: May 30 - June 16, 2014

Note: Battling Culmin and Tylwyth Teg will yield collectibles (i.e. Popping Candy). Battling arousal and non-arousal faeries will yield double collectibles on weekends only.

- Andromeda mechanics changes

  • Andromeda will appear as normal faerie with 100% arousal rate during the weekends
  • Normal Andromeda will drop cards as per normal faeries
  • Arousal Andromeda will drop R+ and SR cards
  • Current Arousal Andromeda levels reset to 1
  • Both Normal and Arousal Andromeda levels will reset every Saturday 0000HRS (GMT+8) until end of the event
  • Collectible rate from Arousal Andromeda adjusted


Faeries: Arousal Faerie:
Culmin Arousal Culmin
Tylwyth Teg Arousal Tylwyth Teg
Celestial - Andromeda Arousal Celestial - Andromeda


Culmin Icon Tylwyth Teg Icon Celestial - Andromeda Icon

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