Anyone Interested?

With the new Guild system in MA SEA and no where to look for possible guilds to join, I thought i'll make a post here to see if there were people who would be interested in joining a guild that i have just created.

There are a few small requirements in this guild: You don't need to be super active players but at least be semi active (ie. log in once every 2days?) Also all those applying need to be above level 50 to show that you are serious about MA & the guild Also would really like it if you had LINE so we can easily bond & communicate when there are guild events

Also i want to create a LINE group for all MA SEA players where we can gossip,chat, share tips, ask advice and just have fun.

If anyone is interested either in joining the guild or just the LINE chat group, please msg me your LINE id or comment below thanks.

PS. Just a lil about me... My MA SEA ign is : MyChan Level.79. I began playing MA as soon as it started. :) My other 'main' game is Ayakashi Ghost Guild ( I am a guild leader of a guild here also ) IGN: Milady Lv.181 Besides those i also play Brave Frontier, Quiz RPG, ElectroGirl, Kaizin Rumble, Soccer Spirits & Monster Hunter Freedom Unite iOS. Also am a major Otome addict ;)

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