I've added descriptions for some release date events. I'll leave it like that for 2 months into the second year so I can observe how I'm going to put release date + events in one category now since I've already added them. (Why do I end up with the solutions to my problems after I've shelved them for later? OTL) I took the event names from the gacha banners with a few exceptions. I wasn't able to deduce the name of some of the events, like the Maid + Four Symbols event. And especially the March and April 2014 events since MA SEA was still starting back then and the faeries and cards weren't so grouped yet.

If you've noticed, card update/upload has been slow/late this past months. I'm pretty busy with uni life at the moment but after this month, it should be back to 1 or 2 day delay from game update. I'll redo the release date/event descriptions and then I'll update the Blade Protector story. I haven't been able to edit it yet and the hard drive containing videos of the story got corrupted DX. The account I borrowed is being used again by the owner (who lent it to me so graciously although we aren't even acquianted). Will have to base on the Techno Smith one for some cuts and descriptions.

It's a bit sad that I'm the only active editor left. Where have you gone Lothaq? T~T Even the one who was always editing the Event page disappeared. Though there are some regular occassional contributors. I've recorded a video of how to add new cards but it's kinda messy and I can't be bothered to edit it yet.

In other news, getting 150k collectibles is so damn hard! Especially right now that my tablet broke. I've been reduced to playing using BlueStacks. No holo Yumi, Mirai and Friends, and probably no MR Blitz Arthurs :(

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