MA News 20150302 04 Duration: Mar 7 - 9 & Mar 14 - Mar 16

Even best buddies can have their fair share of squabbles at times. Toddlers Seoktalhae and Bihyungrang are ignoring each other because of a minor tiff. Help to mend the bridges between them and you’ll be greatly rewarded! Simply collect Toddler - Seoktalhae and Toddler - Bihyungrang during the stipulated timings and evolve them for a powerful MR card!

The respective toddlers will only appear during these stipulated periods:
7th Mar 0000HRS – 9th Mar 1130HRS (Toddler – Seoktalhae)
14th Mar 0000HRS – 16th Mar 1130HRS (Toddler – Bihyungrang)


  • All timings are in GMT+8
  • Enjoy 100% Arousal Rate for these cards only!
  • x2 Collectibles Drop rate will apply to all bosses


Faerie: Arousal Faerie:
Toddler Seoktalhae Arousal Toddler Seoktalhae
Toddler Bihyungrang Arousal Toddler Bihyungrang


Base Card Evolved Card
Toddler - Seoktalhae Icon [LVL 40] + Toddler - Bihyungrang Icon [LVL 1] + 50,000 Gold Toddler - Bihyungrang & Seoktalhae Icon


Toddler - Seoktalhae Icon Toddler - Bihyungrang Icon

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